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The Ultimate Guide to 1x1 Roleplay on Tumblr


The trouble with making a guide to 1x1 is that there is no “right” way to do it. Everyone does it their own way. But I hope I can help ever so slightly. 1x1 is not as hard at all (in fact it’s fairly simplistic) but I heard people having trouble so I thought I might share what I’ve learned from the few months I’ve been doing this. I’ll cover as much as I can, as extensively as I can. Questions? Let me know!


At its core, 1x1 roleplaying is simply roleplay between two players. Those two players can play one character each, multiple characters, control NPCs, or whatever they’d like. I’ve found para-based roleplay to be more common here than in groups, but there’s also gif chats, journals, and a combination of other methods that run rampant. It’s best to ask each 1x1 if they have a certain preference.

1x1s can write pre-made scenarios, better known as plots, for others to apply for and play out together. Almost every genre is covered - some are original, others are inspired by books or movies. It varies. But not all 1x1s write plots! It’s just as fun (and sometimes more) to brainstorm with another person and create a plot together. Plotting only requires a message so it’s a lot easier than the application process.


There are plenty of benefits to creating a 1x1 account, but it’s not entirely necessary. I only recommend it if you plan on releasing plots yourself, if you need a place to plot and share ideas, or if you’re applying for multiple plots and don’t want to be associated with the account you’re applying from. If you decide you want to, here are a few suggestions.

Create a new account, not a side blog because you’ll want to follow other 1x1s and send messages from it. Chose a memorable mascot (if you want one) so it’s easy to recognize you. I suggest a roleplay or writing-related url, preferably with ‘1x1’ or ‘roleplayer’ in it and without any hyphens. A simple choice would be to use your mascot’s name and add 1x1 to the end of it. An easy to navigate theme goes a long way too. Pages to include: about me, faceclaims I like, faceclaims I don’t like, writing samples, plots, application. Make sure to start following others and make an introduction post in the 1x1 tag.


1x1 plots (predominantly) center around two people. For the plot to work, there needs to be a reason for these characters to interact. It doesn’t have to be in a romantic (or even in a pleasant) way as long as there’s something to write about. Take inspiration from other stories. Which interactions captured your attentions? Which character dynamics do you favor? What kind of character have you’ve always wanted to play? Knowing the characters will always help you create your ideal plot.

Then, understand what they’re doing or what they’re goals are. Are they running from something? Are they trying to win something? Is one trying to kill the other, or love them? Making that objective difficult for them to get initially can also help make your plot last longer. Try to make sure there is a storyline, rather than just a situation. Unless you’d just like to wing it. In which case, I’d recommend sharing your idea as a plot bunny on your blog instead and find a partner to flesh it out with. That’ll save you the headache of trying to figure out what’s going to happen by yourself. Two heads are better than one.

Also, don’t be afraid to go outside of the box with your plot. 1x1s as a whole love to try new things, and new ideas in the tag are always welcome. Feel free to post a teaser on your blog just to test the waters if you’re not sure.


There’s a lot of fuss nowadays about plot templates, so I’ve created a few (very simple) varieties here. Feel free to use or abuse.

Plots do not need to be a certain length or follow a certain format, although some are indeed similar to each other. The most important thing is that your reader knows who the characters are, how they know each other, where they are, what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it. It’s honestly that simple. You could take a few paragraph for mini-character bios or just let their personalities seep into the plot via their actions. You could use bullet points for the really minute details. You could describe only the beginning of the plot and leave it all open-ended, or describe everything including an ideal ending. It’s really up to you. You’ll figure out your personal style as you go along.

Possible, miscellaneous information to include:

  • Which character you want to play (if you don’t have a preference, please say so)
  • What parts of the storyline are negotiable
  • What faceclaims you’d prefer be used for the characters (if any) 
  • Any NPCs
  • What part of the plot you’d like to start at
  • Whether the plot is open or closed
  • What genre it is or what themes it includes
  • What inspired the idea
  • What you would rate it (in terms of how much smut, violence, and adult themes it might contain)
  • Any other notes specific to that plot that aren’t available on your page
I personally recommend you try to stand out in some way with your plot. There’s always a twist to add to something. Cliche plots are indeed popular, but original ones can be just as good. But don’t let that stop you from doing what you really want to do. Nobody can put limits on how you roleplay. If you like it, I can guarantee there’s at least one other person who does too.


The application process is fairly simple in 1x1s - only usually requires filling out a form. I’ve only noticed a handful of 1x1s that don’t need para samples or an application at all, and that’s definitely another way to consider if you’re not too picky or if your writing style is versatile. But like I said, those are currently far and in between.

When applying for a plot, there might be other people applying for the same one. This is where 1x1 can differ from group roleplay. In group roleplay, it’s near impossible to pick two players for the same character. But in 1x1, you have the option of playing plots as many times as you’d like, with as many different partners as you’d like, switching things up each time to keep it fresh.

But some 1x1s don’t take this route. There’s the option to close plots after accepting one applicant and reopening the plot if it doesn’t work out with them. It’s a lot less straining that way. Both methods can work seamlessly, and it’s up to you to figure out which one works best!

Don’t fret if you don’t get accepted for a plot. Or alternatively, if they don’t get back to you right away. For the former, I’m sure the 1x1 in question would love if you applied for another plot or tried to plot something out with them. For the latter, they’re probably busy or waiting for more applications before they decide.

Character accounts are really only for you and your partner. There’s no wrong way to set those up. A lot of 1x1s prefer to use side blogs as opposed to main blogs, but that’s based purely on preference.

You’ll find a few 1x1s who prefer to roleplay through emails or instant messagers too but roleplaying on Tumblr is more common. It’s always nice to ask if it’s not stated.


1. Do not feel obligated to create plots. Do not feel obligated to create plots. I joined the 1x1 community in June and I published my first plot three months later. Trust me, it is not required. A lot of people feel pressured to keep churning out plots to stay “relevant” and get stuck with too many replies and get overwhelmed and burn out. Only create plots if you can handle another one and actually want to rp that plot. If not, keep stepping.

2. That brings me to my next point. Only take on what you can handle it. It’s so tempting to apply for anything and everything but when you have 10 replies to do, you’ll wonder if you should’ve been more selective.

3. Be honest with yourself and your partners. This should be easy but it’s also easy to create an ideal image of how you want to be. If you can only reply twice a week, do not pretend you can reply daily. You may want to but you can’t. Promising what you can’t deliver will only frustrate your partner and stress you out. People are generally better with slower replies on 1x1, so just let them know.

4. Do not feel obligated to stay in plots you don’t want to be in. 1x1 is pretty drama free, but conflicts do happen and it’s important to get out quickly. Whether it’s time constrictions or god-modding or pushy partners, just tell them know you can’t do it anymore. No need to be rude or go inactive or just deactivate. Send a message and you’re done.

5. Plot graphics aren’t everything but they do help. Immensely. I’d honestly prefer seeing no graphic than a bad graphic but that’s just me. If you can’t make graphics, ask for some help in the tag or find a graphic-savvy RPH. Any picture/gif will do too.

6. Be flexible. Honestly, 1x1 just doesn’t work as well if you’re not willing to bend things for your partners. Not everyone will want to play a male, or that specific crackship, or that subplot. If you know you can’t rp without it, stick to your guns. But know when to negotiate too.

7.  Don’t force character names. It sounds silly I know, but people prefer to choose their own. That’s why you’ll see a lot of plots with filler names like Character A and Character B or Jane Doe and John Doe. You could also name the characters yourself and allow them to be changed later.

8. Track the following tags: 1x11x1 rp, and 1x1 plot. They aren’t cluttered and you’ll find an abundance of people willing to roleplay with you.

9. Make the characters equal. A lot of people tend to forget about the applicant’s POV when making a plot. If one character (usually the one the creator wants to play) is obviously more important than the other, it turns people away. Some people like being able to fill in the blanks but you should give them something to work with.

10. Try to stick with this if it’s really something you want to do. 1x1 can be a much needed change in pace, especially compared to group rps, and it can be a lot of fun. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding writing chemistry or being able to relax with only one other person. Yes, you’re the admin and the player and the applicant and it gets hard sometimes. But it’s worth it. I swear. 

Last updated: February 23rd, 2013.

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For those of us, who are unfortunate enough to not have a scanner (or are too lazy to drag their asses to the uni/school library and scan stuff there)

  1. Write your quote/lyric/etc on a white paper and photograph it. I recommend doing it near a window, while there is still natural light, because it will make the next steps easier. You don’t have to have a pro camera - I use a simple Sony digital one and it does the trick perfectly. I did this in the middle of the night, so naturally I had a lot more work to do afterwards than you would if you take the picture while it’s still not dark outside. Upload to your computer. This is what we start with: [click]
  2. Open in Photoshop, crop, resize to your liking. [click]
  3. Image » Mode » Grayscale
  4. I usually do Image » Auto Tone and/or Auto Contrast, but you can skip this step, because you can achieve the same effect with the next one. [click]
  5.  Image » Adjustments » Curves. Use the Curves to make your image brighter, to “clear” it from all the spots and colour differences that appear when you take a photo. I usually have something like this in the end: [click]
  6. Play a little with Image » Adjustments » Brightness/Contrast if you don’t quite like the result just yet. [click]
  7. Use Image » Adjustments » Invert if you want a light text on a dark background. [click]

That’s the basic routine. Of course, you can experiment with colours and layers to give it a little texture. I hope it was helpful. :)


Application Page by jakehelps

So I was discussing with rpcgron about a certain sideblog page specifically made for applications. And this is what I came up with. This page is mainly and should be used only for Applications.

For a tutorial on how to create an “Applications Folder" and use this page, here is a great tutorial.

  • 3 links
  • Application Description
  • Tumblr Attributes applied
  • Completely customizable

Live Preview
Code: pastebin

[Guide] Self-Paras: A Documentary


/david attenborough voice

And here you see the wild selfie in its natural habitat, the writer’s desk, munching on a piece of your creativity. You, like many other writers before you, have fallen prey to its sharp teeth and serrated claws, and you now find yourself with a mighty case of the writer’s block.

Though you may find yourself up the creek without a paddle, friend, have no fear! I’m here to teach you not only what a selfie is, but when and why people use them. As a closer I’ll also go over how to write one in case you’re still confused. Still have questions after this guide? Don’t be afraid to inquire! I only bite when I’m hungry.

Alright, so you hear people talking about these “self-para” (or, as I fondly call them, “selfie”) things and you kind of want to write one or, at the very least, want to know what they’re about. 

So, without further ado…

What is a self-para?

  • A selfie is an RP post in which you alone write. Sometimes called a “closed para,” it is not intended to be responded to by anyone else’s character. It is written by you.
  • Selfies may come in multiple parts, depending on the length of the exposition and the goal being accomplished.

Why are they written?

  • good selfie is written for the purpose of character development. I’ve seen selfies where a person just like, eats breakfast or something, and if you do that, you’re doing it wrong. A selfie is used to explore your character’s feelings on something.
  • An exception to this is when there’s a major event—say there’s a fire somewhere or something. You may choose to write a selfie where your character is reacting to this event, especially if the event pertains to your character specifically.
  • ex: I had a serial killer who made a kill during the RP, and I wrote a selfie about him making the kill. It didn’t explore his feelings, per se, but it showed an event in his life and what he was doing. It was necessary for it to be a selfie because, of course, it would have been bad if someone was there when he killed a person…

When are they written?

  • Usually one writes a selfie after something big happens and the character needs to think about it a bunch. Showing their reaction to the thing helps develop the character and give you and your fellow RPers insight into how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking.
  • You can also write it about something that happens “outside” the RP, so to speak (as in not in the actual RP events, but more of a personal thing—usually you spawn the event yourself).
  • ex: They got laid by the girl/guy they’re in love with. You might write a selfie of them being all “omg I’m having feels ahhhhh” about the person, thinking about what happened, etc.
  • ex: Their mom just died. You’d write it about them getting the news of the death (if the mom isn’t a char in the RP), mourning, etc.
  • ex: They get mugged. You’d write out the mugging and they’d be like “AHHH!” and such.
  • ex: The president gets shot. Your char sees it on TV and is like “omg” and such.
  • ex: The character has a flashback of when they were a teenager. Write about the event that happens in the flashback.

How would you write one?

  • Usually try to focus on the feelings of the character to give it a point.
  • Don’t drone on and on. Say what needs to be said, don’t drag it out.
  • Sometimes selfies can get long (mine generally range from 2-2.5k), so do a “read more” cut if you think it’s a bit too lengthy for the dash.
  • Start at a logical beginning and end logically, too. Don’t be like “‘AHH!’ Johnny said as he was mugged. Then he got away.” You want to talk about what he was doing beforehand and afterward a little bit too. Situate all the feels the character will be having.
Though I’ve heard critics say they don’t understand the use of self-paras, I think they’re one of the most useful tools you can use to develop your character. They’re definitely one of my favorite things to write, because while RPing is about writing with other people, it’s also about bettering yourself, too, and part of that is learning to flesh out a character and getting comfortable writing with them. I think selfies help you do that.

Hope this helps out. Like I said, shoot any remaining questions in the askbox and I’ll totally help you.

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tutorial on how to change your sidebar image randomly


  • You have to open this page: x and copy the code. 
  • Now you go to your tumblr>customize-classic>theme
  • You have to press ctrl+F and search for this thing: <img src=”{image:sidebar}” />
  • You have to paste the script code over the bold thing (<img src=”{image:sidebar}” />).
  • Now you have to made the gifs or graphics or edits. Once you’re done, you have to upload them somewhere. I use this page: x.
  • Then you have to paste the url of the images here: image1.gif, image2.gif, etc.
  • You can add unlimited images.
  • Save and close.


Tired and bored with the same scene over and over in your roleplay? Here’s a masterlist of 50+ roleplay scenario you can use for your paragraphs.

f you’re simply running out of the ideas on what to do with your roleplay and characters. The things listed below might help you. You don’t want to be trap inside a vortex of a repetitive sequence scene. Don’t be scared to think outside of the box because most of the time interesting things is actually outside and not inside.

Here’s a list of roleplay scenario you can use :

  1. Stuck in an elevator.
  2. Ill.
  3. Your character or someone gets an amnesia.
  4. Your diary got stolen or your character stole a diary.
  5. World wide black out.
  6. Laser Tag.
  7. Paint ball fight.
  8. Sleepover.
  9. Character is drugged.
  10. Must work with an enemy.
  11. Falsely Accused.
  12. Putting together a band.
  13. Your character got cursed.
  14. Truth or Dare.
  15. Use a love potion to another character.
  16. Injured.
  17. Locked out.
  18. Face worst fears.
  19. Blind for a day.
  20. Karaoke night.
  21. School play.
  22. Kiss the wrong person.
  23. Rescue mission.
  24. Get your character brainwashed.
  25. Gender swap.
  26. Training.
  27. Secret relationships.
  28. Clean up the city.
  29. Charity work.
  30. Start a riot.
  31. Weddings.
  32. Ski trips.
  33. Make a snow angel.
  34. Road tip.
  35. Shelter a homeless man.
  36. Move in with your character’s friends.
  37. Adopt a kid from the orphanage.
  38. Adopt a puppy.
  39. Get you character know how to use the gun.
  40. Accidentally kill someone. (maybe not idk)
  41. Be part of a fraternity.
  42. Family reunion.
  43. Alumni reunion.
  44. Attend a convention for whatever or start one.
  45. Food fight.
  46. Meteor shower.
  47. Strip in a strip club.
  48. Twister game.
  49. Natural Calamities.
  50. Singing/dancing competition.
  51. Build some bird house.
  52. Spend the whole night in a haunter asylum.
  53. Build a tree house.
  54. Throw some tissues around a random house.
  55. Mummify someone.
  56. Battle Royale.
  57. Scavenger hunt.
  58. Feed some walrus.
  59. Pretend to be a chair.
  60. Just
  61. think 
  62. outside
  63. the box
  64. and your 
  65. roleplay
  66. experience 
  67. will be incredible.

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Anonymous whispered: If you can give me a list of male & female gingers that look 13-17 y.o., that would be awesome :)


Sure~ :D

Male: (some might not have many GIFs)

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In this tutorial I’ll be using THIS picture.

Open up your picture in photoshop, color it, resize it and do all the things you want, then go to Layer > Flatten Image.

Now select the Line Tool (x), click the line shape tool and the square with the pen in it (x). Make sure that the Weight is set to 1px.

Once you’ve done draw a line like this:

Select a color that you like (I chose b91634). Then hit the Text Tool (T) and move it over the line.

When it looks like this  and NOT like this  

click on the line and start typing - followed by a space until the line ends, the text will follow the line you drew. I suggest to use Arial, the font size depends on how big is the image.

You should have something like this:

You can move the line using the Move Tool. If you want to change the inclination press CTRL + T and rotate the line, then hit ENTER.

Now draw another line and do the same things that you did for the previous line until you’re satisfied. 

Once you’ve finished go to Layer > Flatten Image

+Grainy Screencap tutorial;



Open up your screen cap.  I prefer using HQ screen caps.  Try homeofthenutty!  They are A+.

I’ll be using this action. 

When you have the screen cap open, don’t re-size it just yet.  Use the action on the full sized.  After you used the action, go ahead and re-size how you like.  I use 500px x 300px.


Duplicate your base layer by pressing CTRL+J.  Then go to Filter>Artistic>Film Grain, and a screen like this should come up:


I just play around with my settings until I find what’s perfect.  My settings here are :


And just click okay! 

Then I just play with the opacity of the Fill on that layer, and just add a coloring!  It’s not really hard, haha.

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, let me know! :)


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